Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Challenge Update

Well, I've decided that if my husband is home, then I just can't get my list done!
He heads back to work tomorrow, so I'll post a new Challenge then.

Here is how I did on my challenge:

  • Put away Christmas items (DONE)
  • Dust (not done...but will do tomorrow.)
  • Sweep the stairs (not done...but will do tomorrow.)
  • Put boys laundry away (DONE)
  • Start laundry (it's never ending!) (STARTED)
  • Work on Dinner menu for next week (DONE...will post tomorrow.)
  • Work on Grocery list (DONE)
  • Grocery shopping (DONE)

Using the traffic light system:
RED - means I need to finish if, ands or buts!
YELLOW - means I will work on it again tomorrow.
means I'm done, it's a go....I can move on....start dancing.

~Organized Funky Monkey~

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